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We opened our doors for the first time on August 10, 1990 under the name "Deli" in the Quito Norte neighborhood, north of the city of Quito. We started from scratch, but with great expectations. Our first products were our ice pops, which are the ones that stay with us to this day and have given us the success we dream of. 

Subsequently and over the years we have been innovating and of course, adding new lines. Thus, in 2015 we added our pastry line to our menu. We started offering pastry products such as snacks and sweets for individual consumption. 

Nowadays and under our commercial brand TEBO, which has led us to have a certain recognition and preference on the part of all our esteemed consumers, we have a wide variety of cakes, moist cakes, ice cream cakes and you cannot miss our pastry service design where we create the most beautiful and striking cakes with your favorite themes and tastes. We work with top quality products, something that you will surely be able to notice every time you take any of our select snacks to your mouth. 

In all this time we have managed to define a solid menu of sweets and exquisite options for all palates. We are experts in ice cream, pastry, crepes and waffles, cafeteria and pizzeria products. 

Historia TEBO
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Work every day with care, dedication, quality and responsibility to make exquisite cakes and ice creams that captivate the senses of our guests. consumers. 


Transcend in the minds and hearts of consumers and future generations through our hard work, improvements in artisan processes and the innovation that characterizes us. Being part of the daily life of customers, their homes, tastes and preferences. 

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